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There are also a lot of concepts and principles that you will learn and pick up along the way. Today we are going to talk about a technique that also ties in with a basic principle of self defense. The principle is this: if you are on the ground especially on your back You do not want to spend a lot of time fighting from your back in a self [
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Naked self-defence.

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Email The Art of Self-Defense opens with a joke. A lanky, lonely-looking man named Casey Jesse Eisenberg is sitting in a cafe, minding his business, when a tourist couple starts shit-talking their American coffee — in French. They turn their attention to Casey. He looks a little desperate, yes?
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Two-On-One: Getting the Back

Is there Red Okay? I kinda make them believe I start to feel okay So okay what have to do is is a follow the principle of first I have to take my shoulders up okay and then I had started I have to trust when I twist I must to do this okay this this this doesn't matter from this side or this side explaining after the finish is not the same, but the principle of this So when Too and I feel the tone is it choked me up Okay so I have to tell I don't like this I need I need that the that they have a second to really breathe and to let my blood and run okay So we we say that he started to choke and I have to do this okay and then In the moment that has an opportunity, one of 20 half to still eat here going. But I can't I Can't Stay here forever because he's he's always joking okay So this is the life plan stand to turn and keep or I can cut the balls Okay. Doesn't matter Remember in every technique you Have to think his motives, the multiple attack you out how you take it out with pain without pain He also he's here on joke knife the gun okay So as I said before this is the most important move this of this Okay we felt it come up I don't go out Joke you see my face this I hit sheep and here I just fight okay I think to great peace on Doesn't matter If he close his hand or his handing him it doesn't matter to continue play pain Then I could hold to Okay so those are the policy under pressure how to keep it So now we are gonna Do a strong attack.
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