Girl in mens locker room

Updated May 11, Published May 4, This article was published more than 6 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Comments Share When people find out I'm a sports journalist, the first question they ask is, "What's it like in the locker room? Have you ever seen any famous athletes naked? It's awkward, and no big deal. It's no big deal, but "there's no getting around how weird it is," says Robin Herman, the first female sports reporter for The New York Times.
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The Hardest Thing About Being Male Trying To Get in a Female Locker Room

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Girl in mens changing rooms | Netmums

I came from an athletic family, so that wasn't a surprise. When we are growing up, trans people like me learn early on how to play the roles expected of us. When I see whole states and individual school districts suing for the right to force young trans people into the locker rooms of their assigned birth genders, my heart breaks. I barely made it through high school locker rooms and I was closeted. Threatening trans kids into using the incorrect locker rooms sets them up for a lifetime of toxic gender perceptions and pain. Read More: "Call Me Matt"—Life As a Transgender High School Athlete I spent my own teenage years struggling with gender dysphoria, which is the clinical term for the feeling that many trans people experience of having a body that is incongruent with their inner sense of their own gender. But performance on the field was never an issue for me.
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Female Reporters in the Locker Room: Does It Work?

All of my male media brethren went cruising into this sacred place, and then, there was only me—the lone female reporter covering a USC football game—waiting outside. Me, the girl who has no fear, was nervous. Fear of the unknown tends to do that to you. Cripes, maybe I should just wait til they all get dressed before talking to them?
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Parenting , Christ and Culture Our daughters spent two years sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with boys while they were attending public school in Europe. We found ourselves in multiple situations that we could not change or even complain about. This dual goal is really at the heart of any Christian parent in any scenario. Going against the grain of culture, I asked the teacher if I might join the class on the trip each week. Initially my concern was that my child who did not proficiently speak the language was going to navigate public transportation with 25 other eight year olds and one teacher.
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