Masturbation for parents

For the most part young people are left to work this out for themselves. However I get many young people accessing BISH for information about how to do it safely, sometimes young people have hurt themselves or are worried about doing it too much. So some parents may feel that they do need to talk about this — but how? Think about what you were first taught about masturbation; from parents, teachers, friends, religious teaching, cultural values, TV and media. Write a few down.
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Masturbation for Parents

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How To Talk To Your Kids About Masturbation In A Healthy Way | HuffPost Life

I asked my mother, what is masturbation? Parents and children sometimes bring their questions and concerns to the pediatrician, but there is surprisingly little guidance or information available in the pediatric literature. And in an informal survey of pediatric colleagues, there seems to be a lot of variation in whether doctors bring up the subject. I will tell you that I took a certain amount of ribbing from my colleagues for even asking the question, which is not necessarily a bad thing; humor can help defuse a potentially embarrassing subject. Debby Herbenick, a professor at the Indiana University School of Public Health, who has conducted research studies related to child and adolescent sexual expression , said that as an icebreaker for talking with undergraduates, she shows them comments about the now-discontinued Harry Potter Nimbus battery-operated vibrating broomstick.
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How to Address the Masturbating Child

Westend61 via Getty Images It's important for kids to feel that they can come to you with any questions. Talking to your child about masturbation may feel a little awkward, embarrassing or even deeply uncomfortable. But these are necessary conversations for parents who want to raise kids with a healthy understanding of sex and their bodies. Instead of seeing it as a problem to solve, think of it as an opportunity to teach skills and concepts that empower young people to grow into sexually healthy adults.
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We tend to fool ourselves into thinking that our worries are the right worries. The things they worried about in the past: those things were silly! We now know what really matters -- and we have peer-reviewed proof. It turns out that for a very long time, parents have told themselves that this new worrying thing is the thing that really matters -- and like us, they have thought that the science backed them up too.
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