Why does it hurt so much to have sex

Print Overview Painful intercourse can occur for reasons that range from structural problems to psychological concerns. Many women have painful intercourse at some point in their lives. The medical term for painful intercourse is dyspareunia dis-puh-ROO-nee-uh , defined as persistent or recurrent genital pain that occurs just before, during or after intercourse. Talk to your doctor if you're having painful intercourse. Treatments focus on the cause, and can help eliminate or lessen this common problem.
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Why Does it Hurt When I Have Sex? | ASRM

Post Pain during sex is a common problem for women. Jennifer Anger. Anger says. Kelly Wright Dryness is the most common cause Dryness is common in menopausal and post-menopausal women, though younger women can experience it as well. Many conditions may cause pain during sex Dryness is the most frequent reason, but there are many other reasons sex might become painful. Some conditions that can be at the root of the problem: Pelvic floor dysfunction: The pelvic floor muscles—the ones you tighten when you want to stop passing urine quickly—can become painfully tight.
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What gives? The medical term for painful sex is dyspareunia and, unfortunately, it has many possible causes. Lang says.
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Pinterest When it comes to bodily pains, having a sore vagina ranks right up there with having your wisdom teeth pulled. So if an intense romp has you waddling let's be real, that's the accurate and extremely unsexy way to describe it , you should probably have a conversation with your partner or your gynecologist or both, TBH. That said, sometimes sex does hurt and it results in an uncomfortably sore vagina. If that happens, that doesn't mean you need to feel ashamed or dysfunctional. It also doesn't mean you have to put up with painful sex for the rest of your life.
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