Anal basaloid carcinoma emedicine

Discussion Basal cell carcinoma of the perianal skin is a rare entity that is most frequently reported by individual case reports or case series. There is a male predominance and the mean age of onset is 67 years [ 4 ]. It may vary in its clinical presentation from erythematous papules and patches to nodules, plaques, and ulcers that may present with bleeding, pain, itching, and mucoid discharge [ 1 , 5 ]. The majority of these lesions are smaller than 2cm and are located outside the anal verge [ 4 ].

What Is Anal Cancer?

What Is Anal Cancer?

Perianal basaloid cloacogenic squamous cell carcinoma Table 1 Differential diagnosis of a perianal mass. At diagnosis, a total body skin exam should be performed to evaluate for BCC in other locations. Treatment is wide local excision. Tumors arising in areas of prior injury are likely to require complex surgical excision. One analysis found that patients with BCC arising in areas of prior trauma were more likely to require 5 or more stages of Mohs surgery when compared to those BCC related to sun exposure [ 18 ].

Perianal Basal Cell Carcinoma Successfully Managed with Excisional Biopsy

Given the rarity of the disease, strong epidemiological data regarding patient demographics, risk factors, natural history and optimal treatment is lacking. However, there have been several retrospective reviews that have tried to provide a framework for understanding this disease. Squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum appears to affect individuals between the ages of 39 to 93 years old, with a mean age of 57 years. The disease tends to occur more frequently in women than in men.
The result will normally be available the following day. Treatment of anal cancer Up until 20 years ago, treatment for anal cancer was resection by radical surgery which led to a permanent colostomy. However, anal cancer is a cancer type that is sensitive to radiation.
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