1ere sodomie

  •   Gom November 11, 2018
    Let’s connect check out the page
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  •   Mazuran October 10, 2019
    I feel really bad for my cousin right now. His older brother's wife asked him if he'd take in this pregnant woman. Well, they ended up being a thing around the time the baby's born. The bio father wants nothing to do with her or this baby, so my cousin has been her dad. Well, he's miserable with the mom, but I think he's scared to give her the boot because of the baby. He said she'll take his last dollar for stupid stuff like hair extensions. And she gets mad if he tells her there is literally NO money right now. It's so bad, he said he just wishes she'd run off and leave him with the baby.
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  •   Sazuru January 1, 2018
    Good gosh 7 years? Get out and get out now
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