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What to pack for Japan: Our top 20 must haves when moving across the world! Some are essentials and some are to help with those pangs of home sickness you might feel from time to time. Power Adaptor Possibly one of the most important things on any trip is a power adaptor. Power sockets in Japan take two flat-pronged plugs and the voltage is V. While some US equipment might work in Japan but be careful to check before you stick the plug in as in some instances it can cause damage to the equipment. A variety of clothes This may seem a little obvious that you will want to bring clothes but it is a little different when moving to Japan particularly for more than a month.

What to Pack for Japan: 7 Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget [Download]

Packing List For Japan - Inside Kyoto

Electrical adapter and power bank Your mobile phone battery will go down pretty quick when you are using internet and apps, never mind any other electrical goods that you might have which you want to use, so an adapter is really an essential thing to pack. We all have this vision of Japan as a country where you can get any electrical item you want, whenever you want it, but actually you will struggle to find a Japanese adapter that works with a Spanish or British plug — especially in the countryside or at 3 am in Shibuya , Tokyo. It is really something that none of us can live without. If you are coming from the United States or Canada, most electronics can be used as-are: Japan runs on a volt current that keeps them happy.

What to pack for Japan – our Japan travel essentials

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Wondering what to pack for Japan and not too sure where to start? Here is our comprehensive packing list for Japan to ensure you have everything you need prior to your trip. Thus, we want to help you minimize any potential stress by sharing with you our Japan travel checklist which includes what to wear in Japan and what Japanese outfits you may need in order to blend in.
Become a partner. Travel Insurance for Japan If you have not already made arrangements to purchase travel insurance, pre-departure is the best time as most insurance policies will not enable you to purchase a policy post departure. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions you will need to take action early to obtain a policy — sometimes before you book your flights to ensure that you can get coverage.
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