Dry skin on foreskin of penis

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Why Is My Penis Skin Peeling? (Asking for a Friend)

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Penis Skin Peeling: Causes and Treatments

Created for Greatist by the experts at Healthline. Read more. Chances are you have a great sense of what your penis normally looks like. So it can be a real cause for concern if you notice peeling, irritated skin on your penis. Peeling or irritated skin can affect any part of the male genitals, including the glans head , shaft, frenulum the elastic bit connecting the head to the shaft , foreskin, and scrotum. In addition to having an undesirable appearance, peeling skin can cause physical discomfort and itchiness. The good news is that most cases are easily treated at home.
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Foreskin care

A number of conditions can cause the skin of the penis to become dry and irritated. This can lead to flaking, cracking, and peeling of the skin. These symptoms may be visible on one or more areas of the penis, such as the glans head , shaft, foreskin, frenulum, or scrotum. This autoimmune, inflammatory condition occurs in the genital area. Genital psoriasis can cause small, shiny, red patches on the glans or shaft of the penis.
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Back to Health A to Z. Balanitis is a skin irritation on the head of the penis that can affect men and boys. You can also get yourself checked out at a sexual health clinic. Your GP should be able to tell if you have balanitis by looking at your penis and asking a few questions. If treatment doesn't start to work within seven days, your GP may suggest some tests to see if there's an infection or something more serious.
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