Babies boobs

You will sometimes see that newborn babies may have a slight swelling in the breast area. There is another name for this breast swelling — Physiologic leucorrhea. During pregnancy, women have a high level of estrogen hormone which causes breast enhancement or enlargement in the mom-to-be; the same effect can be seen in newborn babies after 3 days from their birth. This swelling on the breast can last only for a few weeks. Many parents may get tensed by seeing the swollen breasts in infants, but once the cause for this swollen breasts is known, you will feel relaxed. But do not make any assumption and try to treat this swollen breast by yourself.
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Breast Swelling or Lumps in Newborns

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4 Unexpected Causes Of Swollen Breasts In Newborns

Your chest. The ladies. Sure, they fluctuate around your monthly — getting slightly larger or more sensitive. Breast changes are one of the first signs of pregnancy.
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Hormonal effects in newborns

Hormonal effects in newborns occur because in the womb, babies are exposed to many chemicals hormones that are in the mother's bloodstream. After birth, the infants are no longer exposed to these hormones. This exposure may cause temporary conditions in a newborn. Hormones from the mother maternal hormones are some of the chemicals that pass through the placenta into the baby's blood during pregnancy. These hormones can affect the baby.
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Newborn babies may do some funny things that may startle the parents; however, sometimes babies may experience certain physical changes that may get the parents concerned too. Can you relate to what we are talking about here? Let us discuss in detail why this happens and whether you should worry about it or take a chill pill.
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