My pee smells funny

What is Urine? Kaaki says urine is made of mostly water, but it also has salt sodium, potassium and chloride , uric acid and urea. Uric acid is a natural waste product from food digestion and urea is a waste product made of ammonia and carbon dioxide—all substances the body tries to get rid of through urine. Kaaki says. It sits in the bladder until we feel an urge to empty the bladder. Kaaki says the number one reason for bad-smelling urine is dehydration.
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What Causes Urine to Smell Bad?

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Urine Odor: Overview, Causes, and Symptoms

Urine odor Urine naturally has an odor that is unique to everyone. You may notice that your urine occasionally has a stronger smell than it normally does. But sometimes strong or unusual smelling urine is a sign of an underlying medical problem. Read on to learn several different reasons why urine may have a stronger odor. Asparagus and urine odor One food that many people say makes their urine smell strong is asparagus. The culprit of urine odor from asparagus is caused by the level of naturally occurring sulfurous compounds that it contains. This compound is called asparagusic acid.
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What Causes Abnormal Urine Odor?

Why does my urine smell like sulfur? Medically reviewed by Elaine K. Luo, M. This can sometimes occur as a result of eating specific foods or taking certain medications, in which case the smell should be temporary.
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Pinterest Your pee can tell you a lot about your health. While its color is a pretty good indicator of your hydration levels, dietary habits, and potentially, undiagnosed medical conditions, its smell can also clue you in to what's going on inside your body. Sometimes you may notice that your pee is a little smellier than usual. A slight change or an increased potency is most likely due to something very minor, like a food you ate. But there are some odors that may signal an underlying health issue.
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