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The inn where he arrives is overcrowded, so he must share a bed with the tattooed cannibal Polynesian Queequeg , a harpooneer whose father was king of the fictional island of Rokovoko. Ishmael signs up with the Quaker ship-owners Bildad and Peleg for a voyage on their whaler Pequod. Peleg describes Captain Ahab : "He's a grand, ungodly, god-like man" who nevertheless "has his humanities". They hire Queequeg the following morning. A man named Elijah prophesies a dire fate should Ishmael and Queequeg join Ahab. While provisions are loaded, shadowy figures board the ship.

What is the meaning of "Pequod", captain Ahab's ship in Moby Dick?

SparkNotes: Moby-Dick: Character List

It is dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Ishmael, who turns to the sea for meaning, relays to the audience the final voyage of the Pequod, a whaling vessel. Amid a story of tribulation, beauty, and madness, the reader is introduced to a number of characters, many of whom have names with religious resonance. The Pequod sets sail, and the crew is soon informed that this journey will be unlike their other whaling missions: this time, despite the reluctance of Starbuck, Ahab intends to hunt and kill the beastly Moby Dick no matter the cost. Mark Sexton Ahab and the crew continue their eventful journey and encounter a number of obstacles along the way.

The Pequod: The Whaling Ship in Moby-Dick

Read an in-depth analysis of Moby Dick. He is a Quaker who believes that Christianity offers a way to interpret the world around him, although he is not dogmatic or pushy about his beliefs. Read an in-depth analysis of Starbuck. Queequeg was once a prince from a South Sea island who stowed away on a whaling ship in search of adventure. Stubb, chiefly characterized by his mischievous good humor, is easygoing and popular.
The Pequod in ''Moby-Dick'' is much more than just a whaling ship or a means of transportation. We'll learn about the parts and description of the Pequod and its role in Herman Melville's novel. The front of the ship contains the forecastle, or upper deck, where the crew's quarters are usually housed.
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